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9th JPEA Awards (FY2022)

Winning deals

Prize for Remarkable Expansion in Asia(General Assembly Special Prize)

Prize Prize for Remarkable Expansion in Asia(General Assembly Special Prize)
Recognized Deal/Company OWNDAYS Inc.
Fund Consortium formed by L Catterton Asia and MITSUI & CO., Principal Investments LTD.
Reason for selection ・Enhancement of its management team by recruiting talent from outside as well as by promoting foreign-national employees.
・Entry into new markets and obtainment of prime locations in the countries/regions where it operates by leveraging its key relations.
・Implementation of locale-focused strategy targeting specific regions that have high growth potential.
・Improvement of store management.
・DX facilitation focusing on store operation and customers’ purchase experience.
・Comprehensive review and revamping of its website (brand.com) and CRM platform development mainly involving social media.
・Supply chain reform (prevention of top-selling merchandise from going out of stock at stores, productivity improvement).
・Workforce expansion and maintenance in various countries/regions during the pandemic.
・Reinforcement of its group-based management and administration structure, and improvement of corporate governance.
・Development of separate brands for the masses in South East Asia.

Social Impact Prize

Prize Social Impact Prize
Recognized Deal/Company Social Inclu Co., Ltd.
Fund Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd.
Reason for selection ・Reinforcement of corporate governance through officer dispatchment, etc. in preparation for IPO.
・Opening of additional new facilities at a rate outpacing the market’s growth.
・Improvement of existing facilities in terms of profitability.
・Facilitation of KPI management to further improve profitability.
・Cultivation of steady workforce as its operational foundation.
・Revamping of employee training programs for improving organizational competence.
・Operation improvement by leveraging DX, etc.

Selection Panel


Toshiko Oka
Meiji Business School -Graduate School of Global Business-
Meiji University


Kazushige Kobayashi
Managing Director
MCP Asset Management Company Limited


Kazuki Nakamoto
The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners Co., Ltd.


Masao Hirano
Faculty of Commerce
WASEDA University