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Knowledge Sharing Committee

The role of Knowledge Sharing Committee is to provide opportunities to share the knowledge of private equity business with the members of Japan Private Equity Association by planning study sessions in various fields.  The contents of study sessions are specifically, (1) case study of value up strategies for the invested companies (2) specialized area such as legal issues, taxation system, etc. (3) risk management and fund administration. 

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PR Committee

PR Committee is responsible for disseminating information from the Japan Private Equity Association(“JPEA”) and for public relations activities that connect JPEA with the outside media and related government agencies. Our specific activities include holding media roundtables to introduce the activities of JPEA and its members to journalists and media outlets, conducting interviews with parties involved in the award-winning projects that have achieved social significance, and building and maintaining JPEA’s website.

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Membership Expansion and Exchange Committee

The Membership Expansion and Exchange Committee welcomes as many nationally active GPs as possible to become Full members. Wide range of third parties who support GPs in connection with private equity investments, fund raising and management, are invited to join JPEA as Supporting members. Promoting the development of the PE industry in Japan, our committee proactively provide opportunities to exchange mutual information.

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ESG Committee

The ESG Committee was established to promote the ESG activities of the Japan Private Equity Association (“JPEA”) and its members. More specifically, the Committee is charged with the tasks of planning, proposing, and facilitating various ESG activities that companies should prioritize in order to achieve their business growth over the long term; sharing information on model cases among its members; and publicizing information on notable ESG activities.

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