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ESG Committee

The ESG Committee was established to promote the ESG activities of the Japan Private Equity Association (“JPEA”) and its members. More specifically, the Committee is charged with the tasks of planning, proposing, and facilitating various ESG activities that companies should prioritize in order to achieve their business growth over the long term; sharing information on model cases among its members; and publicizing information on notable ESG activities.

ESG Committee activities

・Facilitation of information sharing among JPEA members relating to model cases of ESG practices
 -Hosting of seminars and workshops (in conjunction with the Knowledge Sharing Committee)
 -Publication of ESG columns (in conjunction with the PR Committee)
・Promotion of interaction among female professionals within the JPEA
 -Planning of get-togethers among female professionals
 -Hosting of panel discussions by female professionals as an event integral to the JPEA annual general assembly
・Facilitation of collaborative activities with PRI in Person 2023 Tokyo
 -Hosting of events organized by the JPEA at PRI in Person 2023 that will be attended by large numbers of LPs and GPs from around the world to showcase the JPEA and its members’ active engagement in ESG on the global stage
・Planning, preparation, and communication of ESG employment data
 -Tabulation of employment data relating to JPEA members’ investees and creation of the JPEA’s own ESG employment data
 -Annual updating and analysis of the ESG employment data and monitoring of the JPEA and its members’ contribution to job creation and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in Japan
 -Publication of findings from the above activities
・Planning, proposal, and facilitation of other medium- to long-term activities

※Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the events that are regularly organized by the JPEA are either cancelled or held online for the time being.

Committee Members 

Chairman Megumi Kiyozuka
Representative Director, Sunrise Capital KK.

Junko Katayanagi
Partner, Unison Capital, Inc.
Shunsuke Tanahashi
Partner, Investcorp Japan.LLC
Kiyomi Matsuda
Finance Director, Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko Ltd.
Maki Mitsui
Managing Director, Partner, Carlyle Japan Equity Management LLC