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Membership Expansion and Exchange Committee

The Membership Expansion and Exchange Committee welcomes as many nationally active GPs as possible to become Full members. Wide range of third parties who support GPs in connection with private equity investments, fund raising and management, are invited to join JPEA as Supporting members. Promoting the development of the PE industry in Japan, our committee proactively provide opportunities to exchange mutual information.  

Recruitment of Full and Supporting members

  • This year we plan to focus on expanding the number of Supporting members in addition to Full members. 

Enhancement of the Japan Private Equity Association website 

  • List of Supporting members by Industry 
  • Disclosure of business and contact information of supporting members on the website for Full members 

Sending of information by e-mail newsletter (under consideration) 

  • Introduction of new Full and Supporting members 
  • Information on new investments by Full members 
  • Information on new fund raise by Full members 

Organizing an exchange meeting for young staffs of Full members 

Last year, after the study session hosted by the JPEA, we provided a place for young participants to talk over a cup of coffee. However, there was not much active participation in the event. 

This year, young staffs of Full members will exchange information about each other’s issues and experiences. We plan to set up a separate venue for a reception with a full menu of food and drink. (Due to the influence of Covid-19, it is now planned to not be held in FY 2020) 

Golf Competition

We hold an annual golf tournament in the fall to bring members together.

Committee Members 

Chairman Tomohiko Mimura
Chief Executive Officer, Endeavour United Co.,Ltd.

Ken Kagasa
Partner, MBK Partners

Naoto Umezu
Chief Executive Officer MCP Capital Co., Ltd.

Shinichi Takahashi
Lone Star Japan Acquisitions Ltd.