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PR Committee

PR Committee is responsible for disseminating information from the Japan Private Equity Association(“JPEA”) and for public relations activities that connect JPEA with the outside media and related government agencies. Our specific activities include holding media roundtables to introduce the activities of JPEA and its members to journalists and media outlets, conducting interviews with parties involved in the award-winning projects that have achieved social significance, and building and maintaining JPEA’s website.   

Media roundtables 

JPEA provides regular opportunities for reporters and media representatives who cover the activities of private equity and its investments or who write about private equity to convey the activities of JPEA’s members and their views on current topics, and to engage in dialogue with the managements of companies in which JPEA’s members have invested 

The fifth media roundtable was held on July 2, 2018, with a panel discussion on the theme of “The progress of PE portfolio companies from accepting investments to the present”. 

Panelist Mr. Hiroki Ogino
President and CEO of 
Mr. Masahiro Uda
Corporate Officer, CSO and CFO of PHC Holdings Corporation
Mr. Naoki Iketeru
President and CEO of 
Yukoyuko Holdings, Inc.
Moderator Ms. Toshiko Oka
CEO of Oka & Company, Inc.

The speakers gave their frank opinions on how management viewed private equity investment, post-investment involvement and management support, and what was positive and negative about receiving private equity support, as well as a lively question-and-answer session from the media. 

Prior to that, the first through fourth media roundtables were held on the following topics. 

  Theme  Program
The 4th Media Roundtables From the perspective of those who have acquired businesses and companies under the fund’s control.  Interviews with company executives involved in the acquisition of private equity portfolio companies 
The 3rd Media Roundtables PE businesses from the point of view of business owners and corporate executives  Panel discussion on the role of private equity from the corporate side 
The 2nd Media Roundtables How does PE help Japanese companies?  Interviews with representatives of Japan’s leading companies that have accepted PE investments 
The 1st Media Roundtables  The role of private equity in reforming Japan’s industrial structure  Panel discussion with relevant public authorities, financial institutions, investors and journalists

 If you are interested in participating in the next media roundtable, please contact the office here. In principle, only those working for newspapers, magazines, television and internet media covering private equity activities and those involved in the media will be allowed to participate. Please note that we only offer this event in Japanese 

Interviews with JPEA Award-winning projects

JPEA selects investments that contribute to the social significance and function of private equity and to the industry, economy and society, then a screening committee made up of outside experts carefully chooses projects and awards them the JPEA Award once a year. Please click here to learn more about past JPEA Award recipients.   

From the 2018 JPEA Award winning projects announced in September 2019, face-to-face interviews were conducted with the screening committee members who selected the award, the head of investment at the selected private equity fund, and the management of the award-winning portfolio company, to provide detailed information about the portfolio company’s business, the events leading up to the investment, the creation of value through private equity after the investment, and the contribution to industry, the economy, and society, based on episodes during the investment period. 

(only in Japanese) 

Building and managing JPEA’s website

We build, maintain and update JPEA’s website to provide timely information on its activities.

Committee Members

Chairman Yukinori Sugiyama
CVC Asia Pacific (Japan) Kabushiki Kaisha
Partner Co-Head, Japan
Members Yuki Kashiyama
J-STAR Co., Ltd. Partner

Masahide Sato
Chief Executive Officer MCP Capital Co., Ltd.

Sachiko Nakayama
CIO,Threefa Inc

Toshitaka (Taka) Shimizu
Partner, L Catterton