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3rd JPEA Awards (FY2016)

Winning deals

Prize for Involving Regional Banks

Prize Prize for Involving Regional Banks
Recognized Deal/Company Yuko Yuko Holdings, Inc.
Fund Unison Capital, Inc.
Reason for selection This project is expected to have a ripple effect on regional revitalization by strengthening the number of customers sent to inns nationwide and supporting the management of inns through the leveraging of "YUKOYUKO," a hot spring inn stay reservation media. Unison Capital involved 20 regional banks, from Hokkaido in Japan's north to Kyushu in the south. Their group formed an LBO loan and joined an equity consortium. The regional banks' business partnership with Yuko Yuko extended to the operation aspect as well as the finance aspect. This full involvement of regional banks, rather than relying on a megabank, will likely set an example for this kind of intimate collaboration with regional banks in the future.

Prize for ESG Investment Wave

Prize Prize for ESG Investment Wave
Recognized Deal/Company Sushiro Global Holdings Ltd.
Fund Permira Advisers KK
Reason for selection Permira Advisers KK began investing in restaurant business Sushiro in 2012. They say that 90% of supply chain management is about ESG risks. Permira Advisers did a fine job creating powerful waves of ESG investment. The Sea and Field Project provides a steady nationwide supply of ingredients that make for delicious sushi. Sushiro talks directly with producers and collaborates with them to raise and produce fish that make for delicious products at as affordable a price as possible. The Project for Delicious 100-Yen Sushi Toppings from the World's Oceans provides consumers with affordable, natural ingredients from around the world that are challenging to supply on a steady basis. They include Chilean sea urchin and New Zealand salmon.

Selection Panel


Toshiko Oka
Representative Director
Oka & Company, Inc.


Takeshi Kadota
Kadota &Co


Hiroshi Nonomiya
crosspoint advisors


Hirokazu Yagi
Managing director
SECOM Pension Fund