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2nd JPEA Awards (FY2015)

Winning deals

Prize for ESG

Prize Prize for ESG
Recognized Deal/Company Solasto Corporation
Fund Carlyle Japan LLC
Reason for selection Solasto Corporation is a pioneer in medical administrative contracting. Carlyle Japan improved Solasto's management so it could introduce KPIs and other business administration methods to hospitals and nursing care businesses that Solasto serves. This made a major contribution to improving productivity in hospital and nursing care settings. Furthermore, Solasto has arranged a work environment where 90% of employees are women and provides enhanced training for career development, thus providing a place where women can thrive more while maintaining work-life balance. Carlyle is a company embodying ESG through management that is very much conscious of organic touchpoints with society.

Carlyle Japan has made a significant contribution to improving the productivity of hospitals and nursing care facilities by introducing KPIs and other management methods to the hospitals and nursing care businesses to which it provides services through improving the management of Solast Corporation itself, a pioneer in the outsourced medical office work business. In addition, the company has been working to improve the working environment for women, who account for 90% of its employees, and to enhance training and education for career development, thereby realizing a work-life balance and providing opportunities for women to be more active in their work. In terms of management that is strongly conscious of the company's organic connection with society, the company can be said to be an embodiment of ESG.

Prize for Secondary Founding of an Enterprise

Prize Prize for Secondary Founding of an Enterprise
Recognized Deal/Company KANTO-UNYU Co., Ltd.
Fund Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd.
Reason for selection Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd. has built a chilled distribution network with advanced technology and knowledge. After initiating its investment, Polaris Capital Group constructed a quantitative management system focused on daily income and expenses, introduced a personnel evaluation system and performance-based compensation for managerial employees, and arranged rules and a system of governance and compliance. Meanwhile, the group implemented hands-on action to address sales and shipping, such as by improving profitability through reforming non-profitable deals. This PE fund work achieved the secondary founding of an enterprise: KANTO-UNYU Co., Ltd.

Prize for Transforming a Supporting Role into a Leading Role

Prize Prize for Transforming a Supporting Role into a Leading Role
Recognized Deal/Company AYUMI Pharmaceutical Corporation
Fund Unison Capital, Inc.
Reason for selection Private equity's intermediation turned a non-core, secondary business into a leading one. The merger with a business that Unison was already invested in opened up a new specialty business category: specialty pharma for rheumatism and orthopedics. This allowed the company to vigorously implement a growth strategy it could not have drawn up on its own. Looking ahead, the business is likely to play a leading role in the introduction of biosimilar drugs, which are expected to come into more widespread use.

This is a case in which a previously non-core (supporting role) business was catapulted into the lead role through the intervention of private equity. By integrating the business of Unison's existing portfolio companies, a new specialized business area of "rheumatology and orthopedics specialty pharma" was opened up, and the company was able to strongly promote its growth strategy, which it could not have done on its own. It is expected to play a leading role in the introduction of biosimilars, which are expected to become more widespread in the future.

Selection Panel


Toshiko Oka
Representative Director
Oka & Company, Inc.


Takeshi Kadota
Kadota &Co


Hiroshi Nonomiya
crosspoint advisors


Hirokazu Yagi
Managing director
SECOM Pension Fund