2020/9/1 Website Renewal Announcement | JPEA
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2020/9/1 Website Renewal Announcement

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our website.

In order to provide more useful information to our members, the media, and visitors who are interested in the private equity industry in Japan, we have made the following changes to our website.

• The whole design and the structure of the page are renewed and we also make the site compatible with smartphones
• “Japanese Private Equity” section is newly created to present an overview of the Japanese private equity market and “Private Equity Performance Data in Japan”, based on data compiled from regular members
• Case studies and interviews for “JPEA Award” winning projects are newly introduced. (JPEA Award winning projects are selected from among the investments made by our regular members and awarded once a year by a panel of experts for their contributions to industry, economy and society.)
• The materials of previous study sessions are available for regular members
• The information of supporting members and their services are available for regular members
• Latest news delivery service are provided for registered users